What are B Corps?

As I have touched on before, to make a true impact on the world you need to change your mentality.  Yes, recycling is important but reducing your consumption upfront is crucial. At the end of the day you can try to reduce as much as you possibly can but realistically the world we live in… Read More What are B Corps?


3 Numbers Financially Successful People Track

As you begin to really hone your financial skills there are a few key numbers that will have a gigantic impact to your journey right off the bat. Being familiar with these will lead you to understanding where you are now and the changes you need to make to be financially successful.


Struggling to Stick to a Budget? Learn How to Stay on Track for Good

When you are trying to decrease your spending and increase savings, the piece of advice is always to start a budget.  The problem with that? The advice can’t stop there.  Budgets can be daunting, hard to maintain, and unrealistic.  Similar to starting a new diet plan, if you don’t work to change your habits slowly… Read More Struggling to Stick to a Budget? Learn How to Stay on Track for Good

Environment, Minimalism

Minimalism: Yay? Nay?

The minimalist lifestyle has exploded lately.  Competitions of owning the least amount of items possible have practically become a cult initiation, due in part to the popularity of The Minimalists (documentary, podcast, and blog) and Marie Kondo’s KonMari method. The message for both of these mindsets is to live with less and only have objects… Read More Minimalism: Yay? Nay?